About Us

The Stock Picks Made Easy strategy has been created by Doug Capehart and Michael Lee. The Passive Income For Life System is based on the seasonal trends that exist in the stock market, putting the odds in your favor.

As a trader, the most common question we get asked is where do you see the markets going. Well, this is where the seasonal trend study takes out the guesswork providing an insight into market direction with 84.6% accuracy. The procedure is a simple, straight-forward to follow.

We are passionate investment strategists that provide financial freedom ideas to help our clients build real wealth and financial security.

The services we provide are our weekly trading plan, seasonal trend exclusive watchlist, video trade recaps, webinar training, coaching and workshops revealing how seasonality works and money management trading tips based on proven results.

Our clients include people who want to take control of their own finances from young adults, students and retirees.

Most individuals are usually short on time and love our less than 15 minutes a week approach to building a second income.

We believe that the seasonal trends and options strategy we have spent years developing and learning should be made available to anyone to create a better life. A better quality of life doesn’t just come from the money you make, but the freedom you have to enjoy it. We're dedicated to making a difference, to help people have fun with what they want and be able to enjoy the rewards for minimal effort.


Turn your spare time into financial freedom

Spend as little as 15 mins a week to start generating passive income

Step 1

Create your weekly trading plan

Step 2

Place your trade based on seasonal trend patterns

Step 3

Watch the stock or options reach the target date to generate passive income

What People Are Saying About Us

Meet our happy clients and find why Stock Picks is their preferred choice.
Carol Miller

Great information! It took me, someone who has never traded before, taught me what i needed to know and now I'm really starting to see results!

Carol Miller
Brandon Riley

Really understanding and utilising the stockpicksmadeeasy formula has changed my whole career. I can’t give these guys more props!!!

Brandon Riley
Chris Lin

Coming from a investment banking background, i was quite skeptical at first. But once i tested the waters i was mind blown by the information these guys had!

Chris Lin