About Us

Stock Picks Made Easy are team of cycles/options traders and educators. We teach our members how historical trends gives you the confidence and access to making consistent money each month by trading seasonal trends.


    Senior Financial Analyst​​

    Doug has been trading financial markets since the early 1990’s. His years of research has developed the best high probability trading patterns and techniques. The results have produced a 90% winning rate with an average 2-5% profit. Doug is proud to introduce these trademark methods by co-developing Stock Picks Made Easy.


    Investment Strategist & Business Coach​​​​

    Michael is an Options, Index Trader, and co-founder. He runs the Stock Picks Made Easy Mentor Program and Workshops. He doesn’t have a preference for market direction. He primarily trades on market momentum using seasonal trends on Major Indices and stocks priced above $20. Michael started trading in 2002 and is now committed to helping thousands of individuals pursue financial freedom through investing in the stock marlet.